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DadToons is a collection of single panel cartoons from the mind of John Zakour and drawn by the very talented Debora Martin. John thinks of these as a combination of dad jokes and cartoon memes on pop culture. Over his career John has sold thousands of gags, written for dozens of comic strips, written Simpson, Rugrats and Mad comics. Plus he’s written for a number of late night talk shows. He’s even written a joke for a presidential candidate (who lost). John’s humorous SF mystery book, The Plutonium Blonde (DAW 2001, co-written with Larry Ganem and started off as an interactive web story for the Sci Fi channel) was named one of the top 30 SF books of 2001 by The Chronicle of Science Fiction who called it, “the funniest SF book of 2001”. Since then, he’s written like 60 books. He also writes a bunch of video games one of them Space Run sold 150,000 copies. John is a wellness and happiness coach with a Masters in Human Behavior and working on another on in Health Education. He believes that humor is often the best medicine.

Debra’s work speaks for itself, she is way good.

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