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Yahia Lababidi is the author of ✨✨Quarantine Notes✨✨ & 🤲🏼Learning to Pray📿 as well as 10 other books of poems, aphorisms, essays & conversations.

Lababidi has been called “perhaps our greatest living aphorist.” He has been writing aphorisms for three decades, since he was a teenager, and now his words words go viral, are used in classrooms and even religious services.

"Aphorisms are an ancient form, but its current-day master is Yahia Lababidi."

—Richard Blanco, Barack Obama's inaugural poet

"Lababidi's meditative formulations echo the inquiries of the early Greeks, Confucius, de La Rochefoucauld, Nietzsche, Pascal, and Lao Tzu."

—Ken Rodgers, Kyoto Journal

To give birth to God, the self must die in the delivery room.

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"Yahia Lababidi’s work is characterized by a contemplative tone in line with Rumi, whom he often quotes. Lababidi is a Muslim voice for peace, celebrating the wisdom in ancient traditions and pointing out the ridiculous in the rush and cynicism of contemporary life.

Drawn to the mystic tradition, he often refers to the virtues and fruits of silence, and writes that his aphorisms “respect the wisdom of silence by disturbing it, briefly.” Perhaps an age as thoughtless and noisy as our own requires a whole book full of them."

Plough magazine

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